River Sail

The summer winds of the mid-Atlantic held steady around 12 knots, rolling effortlessly in like a whisper out of the northwest and filling the beautiful New Zealand-made tanbark sails of my 1967 30 foot Rawson cutter Ave del Mar. We were on a broad reach, zigging across the South River just outside Annapolis, Maryland. With one hand on the tiller I leaned in through the companionway and pulled the kill switch. Her Universal diesel immediately fell dead silent.

There we were. Sailing. Finally.

It hardly seems a noteworthy moment to a boat that has seen storms in every ocean, has rounded Cape Horn, transited the Suez and Panama canals, and tied off tanker ships in the Indian Ocean for Thanksgiving dinner. But for this boat and me, her new captain, it was an auspicious day indeed, 389 days into our journey together. Continue reading River Sail