Raise Your Hand If You’re Tired

What a week. So much done, so much left undone (that seems to be a boating constant), and so much energy expended. Monday brings us to the end of the week of work on the boat and to, ironically, the work week. Back to reality? In a way. Two months left. 

I will mostly let this week wrap in pictures, with one small commentary. The universe listened, as I have been wishing for some Caframo 12 volt fans for ever and ever. These are rated as by far the best at moving air, but I haven’t been able to make myself buy them. Too many other, higher priorities. But on my last day in Deale the universe dropped not one but THREE perfectly good 2-speed Caframo fans into the freecycle container at Herrington Harbour North. 

Thanks, Herrington Harbour, and thanks, universe.





I’m Not Sure What Day It Is

I’m not kidding. I’m also not complaining. The work is enjoyable, the accomplishments are satisfying, and the puzzles and challenges are exciting. Just don’t ask me to raise my arms above shoulder height or why there is primer on my face. It’s that kind of week is all.

Yesterday I installed vents for my propane lockers (you may exhale now, Kennon) so any leaking heavier-than-air propane has a path to freedom away from my boat. I had removed the boat’s old hailing port name from the transom—she was registered to Wrangell, Alaska—yesterday, in preparation for her new Aquia, VA lettering, so today I filled the holes left behind.

The top stripe on the sides is getting repainted, so the old stuff got sanded, taped, and, in the dead of night, a coat of primer. That’s how I met Lorenzo the security guard. I guess not a lot of boat owners paint by floodlight at night. Lorenzo was nice, if not maybe a tad put off by my actions. 

I’ve also done a LOT of walking. Everything is far away here. But the paths are all pretty and well maintained, and it’s not really a hardship after all.

So another day begins—whatever day it may be—with strong coffee, mild temperatures, and some classical guitar in the background. Soon enough it will switch  to homemade Gatorade, sweating in the August sun, and some Willie Nelson. 

Because it’s that kind of week. 


Day One in the Books





Ave finally got hauled out yesterday, and after all the trials and tribulations of getting the boat blocked and level, we are now in working shape up in the yard. 

She got a new bobstay—that chain that tensions the bowsprit down as the mast tries to pull it up and back—and also got two brand new cockpit scupper hoses. The old “Wrangell, AK” hailing port was taken off of the transom, and the hull got an acid wash where there were stains. A long but productive day, and a fun contrast to that week 2+ years ago when we sat in the boatyard in Reedville trying to fix things we didn’t yet understand. 

Onward. Always onward. 

Haul Out Time!

Ave and I made the four hour trip down from Annapolis to the marina at Herrington Horbor North for a haul out. We are hoping to get a chunk of that ∞ to-do list out of the way, but of course one never knows what fun awaits in the boating world. Stay tuned.  


Old Spring Storm Video

I was looking through some old files earlier today and ran across this short video of a spring storm that rolled through my former home marina in Edgewater, Maryland, back in May of 2014. You can see the mast still down in its cradle, as it was until August of that year.

I find it comforting to watch the rain; it’s almost as if you can smell it just by seeing it. It is also nice to see how far Ave del Mar has come in our two years together.


❤ J