Folks register for weddings. Can’t I register for a circumnavigation?
Here are a few things I wouldn’t mind having.
I’m not asking for any of them. I’m just tossing this out there.

Mustang Survival PFD
An automatic-inflating life jacket with a safety harness,
so I can clip in with a:

Kong ISAF Double Tether
Rule #1: Stay on the boat.

The one item you most hope you will never use.
An emergency satellite locating beacon.

Secondary Anchor
Always a good idea to have an easily-deployable
secondary anchor for holding issues or storms.

Mine really aren’t very good at all.  :-/

Ditch Bag
#2 on the “Things you hope you’ll never use” list.

Dry Bag
Dinghy transport is a nasty, wet business.


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