Space Chimp and the Jamaica Crossing

I stared at the chimpanzee, spellbound. A parade of majestic Mayan figures marched across his face carrying signs that made up a system of messages I found fascinating but impossible to understand. A lone, lithe figure dressed in iridescent greens and yellows danced gracefully above the Mayans. Simply amazing, I thought. The chimpanzee was wearing aContinue reading “Space Chimp and the Jamaica Crossing”

Paradise Smells of Failure

“Be careful,” a wise friend once said, “when you make that decision to jump into the lifeboat. Remember that all your baggage comes with you.” He was speaking metaphorically to marriage, not sailing, but it holds true through all walks of life. As it was phrased in the arguably-brilliant movie Magnolia, “We may be through withContinue reading “Paradise Smells of Failure”

Guest Post from Mike McDowall

Mike McDowall, Boat Radio’s founder and gifted host, lives on the idyllic island of Mallorca and has a truly-fascinating backstory. He has agreed to be a guest columnist here on I trust you will enjoy his tale as much as I did. If you never caught his interview of me, you can hear it here: ============================================== On the firstContinue reading “Guest Post from Mike McDowall”