Postcards From Sea, Episode XII, Albi

Epic jam sessions, seasickness and how best to resolve conflicts with your shipmates. In this latest edition of Postcards From Sea, John Herlig discusses these and other pressing issues with his good friend and fellow traveller Albi the German Lad. The pair also try to figure out at what stage it’s reasonable to start callingContinue reading “Postcards From Sea, Episode XII, Albi”

Postcards From Sea: Annapolis Sailboat Show

I fall in love with the Halberg-Rassy 372 and Henry the German glue guy, plus I get fish and chips at Pusser’s along with a round of #3 painkillers. Hear also about how a Mantus anchor helped to save Ave del Mar from Hurricane Matthew and about the chalky paint I applied to the EdsonContinue reading “Postcards From Sea: Annapolis Sailboat Show”

Postcards from Sea, Episode II. “Capricious”

Shortly after arriving in West Palm Beach, Florida, I took it upon myself to clean out the boat of a man who had recently died, and as always the universe paid me back more than I gave. In Episode II of Postcards from Sea you can hear the whole the story and meet  the man who is bringing theContinue reading “Postcards from Sea, Episode II. “Capricious””