Postcards From Sea: Annapolis Sailboat Show

I fall in love with the Halberg-Rassy 372 and Henry the German glue guy, plus I get fish and chips at Pusser’s along with a round of #3 painkillers.

Hear also about how a Mantus anchor helped to save Ave del Mar from Hurricane Matthew and about the chalky paint I applied to the Edson pedestal of friends Chris and Elizabeth’s 1979 Cherubini 37C.

Always a good time.


One response to “Postcards From Sea: Annapolis Sailboat Show”

  1. John,
    I’m writing from my slip at Butler’s, where I’ve been living for exactly one year, as you once did (the wifi still sucks…I just spent a bundle at the boat show on an “extender/amplifier” to boost the signal at the boat). I stumbled across your blog while at the bar at Davis’ Pub. I had been telling someone about the Rawson 30 I once owned and was looking for some photos.
    The name Ave Del Mar jumped out at me because I knew Jamie Bryson from long ago, had corresponded quite a bit, visited him in Juneau and hooked up again with him and Marjorie in NJ one time when they were visiting relatives.
    Back in, I think, 2003 my wife and I and our 3-yr-old son started out on Independence from our home on the Rhode River to rendezvous with Jamie at Reedville but we only made it as far as the Potomac and had to turn back for a number of reasons. I regret that to this day.
    Shortly after that, my wife surprised me (but not herself) by announcing we were having another baby, so I said, “Well, I’m getting a bigger fucking boat!” That’s how I got this 1980 Bruce Roberts 45 Ketch, which is now my home (but not hers).
    You might not know it, but there once was a Rawson dealer out here. He sold about 18 boats in the Chesapeake area – that, according to Ron Rawson, with whom I’ve also corresponded.
    I found Indy in an ad in the Capital. She was on the hard at Jabins. I bought her for $15k, which was about the value of the pretty new Yanmar engine. The rest was stock 1970.
    I had put a ton of work and money into her … new rigging, winches, wiring, a bow sprit, hard dodger, sails, bottom job, etc. Ended up selling her for $37k to a guy who sailed to the Caribbean. He sold her to a couple who re-fitted her all over again here in the Naptown area and took her to Iceland, Spain, the Med and back along the southern route to Florida. All of this news, of course, was painful to hear. That was supposed to be me out there!!
    Anyway, given the few degrees of separation we share, I just had to write. Sorry to have missed you during the boat show.
    Keep it up…for the rest of us.


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