Day One in the Books





Ave finally got hauled out yesterday, and after all the trials and tribulations of getting the boat blocked and level, we are now in working shape up in the yard. 

She got a new bobstay—that chain that tensions the bowsprit down as the mast tries to pull it up and back—and also got two brand new cockpit scupper hoses. The old “Wrangell, AK” hailing port was taken off of the transom, and the hull got an acid wash where there were stains. A long but productive day, and a fun contrast to that week 2+ years ago when we sat in the boatyard in Reedville trying to fix things we didn’t yet understand. 

Onward. Always onward. 


4 responses to “Day One in the Books”

  1. Your pics make me go ‘uuughhh’ and although I read and understand English quite well, your update is another language, but fun to read!! I gather all is good and the boat has had some much needed new stuff to make it sail better! Xx


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