Raise Your Hand If You’re Tired

What a week. So much done, so much left undone (that seems to be a boating constant), and so much energy expended. Monday brings us to the end of the week of work on the boat and to, ironically, the work week. Back to reality? In a way. Two months left. 

I will mostly let this week wrap in pictures, with one small commentary. The universe listened, as I have been wishing for some Caframo 12 volt fans for ever and ever. These are rated as by far the best at moving air, but I haven’t been able to make myself buy them. Too many other, higher priorities. But on my last day in Deale the universe dropped not one but THREE perfectly good 2-speed Caframo fans into the freecycle container at Herrington Harbour North. 

Thanks, Herrington Harbour, and thanks, universe.





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