Under grey skies and a small craft advisory, and with boat boy at the helm, we’re off again.  ⛵️


13 responses to “Journeys”

      • It sounds like you’re moving into this venture with open curiosity and a realistic awareness of the limitations a small sailboat can have in the open sea and a willingness to turn back when necessary. Such a recipe for success!


  1. Very Glad and Excited for you as you are underway! May the winds and seas have your back. Many friends and family are always with you!


  2. I can’t tell you how often I think of you and how – particularly recently -I have imagined conversations with you. Here’s wishing you enlightening adventures. You’re in my heart!


    • I love you. That made me smile. It is possible I have these same conversations with you, my dear. The adventures have already begun, albeit slightly differently than we had expected. ♡


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